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On the Culinary Route
Being a Culinarian

“Cooking is, like a show: it takes a lot of organization, training, dedication, knowledge and love so that, in the end, the five senses will applaud you standing up.”
Fernando Capella Reis


Nowadays, the child’s learning is defended as being active in the construction of his knowledge, so the learning through action is defended. The greater the child’s involvement in learning, the more motivated they are and the easier it is to learn.

Involving the child in the “kitchen”, can be a way of transmitting knowledge of innumerable areas of education and, at the same time, helping him to create healthier eating habits in a fun way. By reading the recipe, calculating, measuring and mixing the ingredients, students reinforce the concepts of other subjects, such as: mathematics, Portuguese and science.

The entire experimental teaching process is supported by communication, a cooperation that promotes the development of creativity, where children can share their ideas in order to create questions and answer problems, experience knowledge and flavors.


The objective is to develop important skills such as forecasting, experimentation, evaluation of results, motivation, critical thinking and creativity.

Know more about the project: PCE202021en


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