Opening time

7:30 AM – 07:00 PM


School hours

9:10 AM04:00 PM


Physical education

9:40/ 10:10 am1st grade1st grade
11:10/ 11:40 am3rd grade3rd grade
11:40/ 12:10 am4th grade4th grade
12:10/ 12:45 pm2nd grade2nd grade

ENote: All students must bring checked trainers or tennis shoes, in a bag, to be left at Escolinha. On these days/ For these classes, the students must wear the sports apparel/gear.


English – 1st / 2nd grade

2:00/ 2:30 pm1st grade1st grade1st grade1st grade
2:30/ 3:00 pm2nd grade2nd grade2nd grade2nd grade
3:00/3:30 pm1st grade
3:30/4:00pm2nd grade


English – 3st / 4nd grade


9:10/9:40 am3rd grade4th grade3rd grade4th grade3rd grade
9:40/10:10 am4th grade3rd grade4th grade3rd grade4th grade

Creative Dance

2:00/ 2:30 pm5years / 1st grade
3:00/ 3:45 pm2nd, 3rd, 4th grade

Musical Expression

10:15 / 11:00am4th grade
12:00/ 12:15 pm2nd grade
03:15/ 3:00pm3rd grade
3:15/ 4:00pm1st grade



01:15 PM / 02:00 PM1st cycle1st cycle

Note: Sports Gear on Parents Area.



Every Monday and Wednesday

08:10 AM / 08:55 AM1st cycle1st cycle

Note: All students must come with the Judo costume/ gear already on. Must dress up at home and bring the uniform inside the bag to be worn after class. All equipment must be labelled.


Violin and Guitar – Initiation

Every Thursday

04:00 PM – 04:30 PMViolin and Guitar

Note: All students must bring their own instrument.


The Inventors

Every Tuesday

01:00 PM / 02:15 PM2nd, 3rd and 4th grade


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