Project Activities


A set of actions and events that complement the curriculum in a creative way, helping the students to know/ discover their potential better.



Reading for everyone

Every Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 10: 45 p.m., a moment of silent reading is held with all the students of Escolinha Tia Ló.
Is held on the first Friday of each the month.



The books requests are made by the pre-school educator/primary teacher of each class. The books will be exploited in the classroom.


School assembly

The meeting shall be held twice a quarter.



International Program of the “Foundation for Environmental Education”, developed in Portugal by ABAE. The students will actively participate in several activities that promote Environmental Education for Sustainability. These activities will take place between classes and between schools too.


Emergency plan

In the months below a simulation of evacuation in case of emergency will be carried out, with the participation of the Civil Protection:
October and January

“Family Tea”

Student and family get together
15th of February Pre-school – 5 years old class
8th of March Pre-school – 4 years old class
15th of March Pre-school – 3 years old class


Hidden Book Game

Activity to be performed between classes in the first term.


It’s Portuguese Traditional Games Day!

Once a month the Traditional Portuguese sports activities.

Sports activities

There will be various sports activities: soccer championship, table tennis tournament and checkers and chess exchange between schools – Sports School.


Meeting of experiences

Exchange of experiences between pre-school and primary classes, with quarterly frequency (every four months).

Organic vegetable garden and composting

Development of planned activities.


Back to Portugal through books

Challenge parents and children who were born in different regions of Portugal, to tell and share stories, myths, legends about these same regions.
Diverse activities involving sharing knowledge and Portuguese History.


Play Science

Shows the work of science experiments, developed by each class throughout the year.


End of the year Party

Celebrating the end of educational activities.


Free Time Activities

During school breaks – Christmas, Easter and July holidays, Escolinha Tia Ló has a programme with several activities.

  • Beach, swimming pool, surfing
  • Horse Riding
  • Workshops, Goldsmithing, Cooking, Role-Play), characterization, computer science, fine motor skills, concentration
  • Cultural visits
  • Tours
  • Games: chess, among others
  • Science Week
  • Barbecue and picnics
  • Evening movies and popcorn
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