Primary School Education


In Primary Education, the learning is focused on the development of autonomy, the ability to make choices, and the ability for abstract and logical reasoning and drawing conclusions.

It is Tia Ló’s main aim to offer the best atmosphere to our students, so that they can develop their potential, grow as responsible and positive people in relation to the world, always aiming for integrity and respect for others, preparing for the challenges of a world globalized and competitive society.

The perspectives that open up in the most diverse fields of knowledge imply a permanent educational model attentive to the new, to the dynamic, to the incentive, attentive to a reality that is transformed at every moment.

The absorption of the new, however, cannot do without a solid formation, a playful understanding of the new and the domain of basic competences for life:

  • linguistic skills,
  • logical-abstract reasoning,
  • scientific experiments
  • awareness of the environment,
  • historical vision/ knowledge
  • artistic experimentation
  • ethical training
  • and building citizenship awareness.

A great school strengthens itself from its philosophy and the steady pedagogical curriculum/offer.

We want to offer society active, questioning, flexible, innovative, cultured and honest citizens who are able to reflect and act in a constant process of evolution and positive transformation of society.

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