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Escolinha Tia Ló has received students of different nationalities since its foundation. We have extensive experience in adapting to the school and our culture of foreign students.

In pre-school (3-5 years), students start learning the Portuguese language in a playful way, gaining an understanding of what they hear and see in the various activities and interaction with teachers. The logical and linguistic construction becomes natural and intuitive learning. There are daily moments of calculation, experimentation and class assembly.

In the Primary School (6-10 years) students are encouraged to communicate and write in the language, developing the four language skills: comprehension, reading, speaking and writing. English learning is structured and applied in partnership with the disciplines of Music, Physical Education, Dance, Yoga and through digital tools. We offer an English curriculum with Cambridge-certified manuals of 5 hours per week.


Advantages of studying in a bilingual school

Fluency in a foreign language
Learning a second language in childhood happens naturally and practically, reaching fluency more quickly.
Development of social and cognitive skills
In addition to mastering the foreign language more naturally, children who have a bilingual education develop other skills, such as: reasoning, organizational skills and concentration and are more open to new experiences.
More job opportunities
Mastering a new language opens up more opportunities in the job market, in an increasingly global world.

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