Pre-school Education


From the early years, children interact with each other and other people and also with the world surrounding them.

Escolinha Tia Ló stands out in its pedagogical Framework/ curriculum, especially for setting up projects that account for play, movement, interactivity, socialization, imagination and learning of key concepts by the child.

At school, each educational action and project work has a reason to be and has a reason to happen.

Nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, humming, playing games, manipulating specific materials, experimenting, producing … are strategies that motivate the young learners/the children in their social and learning path.

In the pre-school education, Escolinha Tia Ló develops a set of carefully planned activities for social integration, self-knowledge, development of cognitive abilities and psychomotricity, in order to support the initial development of the child as a citizen.

In pre-school education, Escolinha seeks to achieve the proposed aims through diversified playful activities that enable the development of abilities and behavior.
Starting with the simplest ones, followed by the most complex ones, in a gradual sequence of difficulties that considers, above all, the children will start to learn gradually and develop their abilities to the full, according to their age group and experiences.

At Escolinha Tia Ló, every child is unique and… their development is a result of the continuous reflection at school.

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