Extracurricular Activities

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Creative Dance

Creative dance classes exercise coordination, agility and balance, stimulate brain functioning, and help with socialization to overcome fear and shyness.

Helen Doron – English Classes

The Helen Doron Educational Group has been working since 1985 to develop methodologies to teach English in a natural and effective way, from an early age, and is aimed at children from countries whose mother tongue has nothing to do with English, understanding the difficulties and crop specific needs.

Arts and Crafts Classes

Arts and crafts classes allow the children to explore and use different forms of expression as a means of communication, representation and understanding of the world.


Physical Development Classes

Physical development classes are essential at the academic level and are crucial to the full development of a child. Pre-school students have classes twice a week, once in English.


Ballet Classes

Ballet is an important art form in movement. Almost without realizing the child is guiding his/ her body to a better posture and development of flexibility.
During ballet classes the following takes place: Running half-tip, skipping, sometimes pretending to be “princesses”, “butterflies” or “little horses”, but above all it is important to let them be happy Children!


Judo classes

At this age, children are discovering and their abilities. Psychomotor stimulation is very important and through judo the child experiences new and different movements.
Judo also helps in building the child´s character, since this art has a philosophy focused on physical, mental and social well-being.


Violin classes

From the age of 4 years old. We believe that learning an instrument helps the child to be more self-confident, disciplined, focused, creative and responsible.


Swimming lessons

Our pre-school students can take swimming lessons at the Complexo Desportivo – Associação Humanitária de Bombeiros Voluntários de Cascais.


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