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We have prepared another school year with confidence in teaching: in person, mixed or online.

It is a commitment of Escolinha Tia Ló to ensure, in a responsible way, the essential learning for its students.
Thus, we defined guidelines on the procedures to be followed in pre-school and 1st cycle education in a face-to-face, mixed and distance learning plan.

In distance learning, we bet on pedagogical differentiation, in order to increase individualized support for each child and group of children.


Synchronous time is privileged, with interactive classes, using various digital platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, the Virtual School, among countless other resources.


Study visits and surprise classes where the objective is to teach content, motivating students for distance learning, so that this method is also an asset and a work tool where we can follow the development of society, side by side , with a view to a promising future.

According to government regulations everything points to that we manage to maintain the classroom teaching, in any case we are prepared to give classes online or to implement the mixed teaching.
Following the schedule model we used in the feedlot, we created mixed schedules so that:

1. We can have the school in operation if someone is infected with Sars-COV-2, thus not putting the rest of the school community at risk, but maintaining learning and school / home communication.

2. On the other hand, we can prevent the contamination of Covid19, in case of high numbers in the municipality / parish.

Education has evolved and today, the knowledge acquired, such as teamwork skills, critical thinking and entrepreneurship are of equal importance.

We maintain our total determination in the Educational Mission.

[ 01-Mar-2021 ]
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